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Appreciation  -
Simple actions for a flourishing culture

"What people want more than anything else is to know that they're appreciated… that's the best gift of all." - Oprah Winfrey.


One of the primary desires of humans is to be seen for who we are and what we can achieve. What would happen to an artist or an excellent piece of art if no one appreciates it?! When we are seen the way we are through the eyes of others, we feel complete. Appreciation also motivates the appreciated to be even better — an O.C. Tanner Institute study shows that 88% of people who receive recognition feel inspired to do great work. 


At Meaning Quotient, we work with teams, companies & networks through our games, products, and consulting to foster a culture of mutual appreciation.

- Our Offerings -


Break the ice & enable meaningful connections by appreciation game.

CASES: PMI Conference, Impact Hub Christmas Event



Pass on the goodness of appreciations as you pass on goodies.

PRODUCTS: Jute Gift Bags with  Appreci8 cards

Gift Bag Book size RV1.png


Build team cohesion based on mutual appreciation

CASES: Zurich Insurance, Wasteless, Rochester Bern University 



Create a culture where appreciation is an exchange currency.

PRODUCTS: Appreciation Cards - for individuals & Communities

Appreciation Card Horizontal-3.png

Martin Härri, PMI 2021 Conference Host

Conferences & Events

 - Testimonials - 

"The spontaneous integration of MQ's “appreciation game” added a very cheerful touch to our conference, and participants even thanked the catering team for their great service. And I think everybody realized that such a simple gesture can easily be integrated into their work habits, and can have a positive impact on collaboration within the team”.

Martin Haerri - PMI 2021.jpeg
Martin Härri,
PMI Conference Host, 2021
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