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Business Cases:
Team Cohesion

Building Shared Values Driven Teams

- Client Case -


- Situation/ Objectives -

According to E&Y research, 60% of teams with defined values and purpose perform 10x better.


A team within Zurich Insurance Operations wanted to:

  • Align values of their team as a north star for shared decision making

  • Formulate team purpose based on internal mandate and external face

  • Get to know each other at a deeper level to facilitate team cohesion

- Approach -

We worked with the leadership team in a workshop setting to align their team values and purpose. The approach consists of three steps:

  • Individual Values: Each Individual in the team formulated their values based on the principles of philosophy and psychology. This became the focal point of the further steps

  • Shared Team Values: Individual values were aggregated as shared team values based on appreciation game. Our hypothesis: the appreciated values indicate team values.

  • Team Purpose: The team determined their purpose from a metaphorical perspective based on internal mandate and external feedback 

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 4.47.19 PM.png

- Results/ Impact -

The formulated team values and purpose were widely communicated in the group. The individuals in the team resonated with their internal values, bonded as a team, and used the results for shared decision-making.



"Credit to MQ Learning for so effortlessly creating an environment where we all felt comfortable to put work, organisation, and status to one side and share our humanity with each other. I left the day feeling energized and inspired. Highly Recommended!"

—  Steven S., Portfolio Manager, Zurich Insurance Company

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