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Our Team

Our growing team & faculty comprises highly educated & inter-disciplinary humans with experience in business and a passion for humanities. One thing that binds our diverse & inter-disciplinary team is our common passion for harnessing human potential.


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Deepak Bansal

Founder & CEO; Philosophy, Meaning, Strategy

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Dr. Stefan Bodenstab

Practise Partner, Business Values, Integral Health

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Dennis Block

Business Consulting, Insurance Executive, Psychology

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Dr. Sarita Sehgal

Cross-Sector Partnerships, Coach, Intl.  Development, Vedantic Philosophy

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Dr. Nitin Kumar

Digital & Data Security & Ethics, Data Management, Self Inquiry

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Diego Hangartner

Coach, Mental Balance, Cofounder Mind & Life Europe

- Advisory Wisdom Council -


Victoria Bejarano

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A 28 year veteran of the insurance industry, Victoria built her career in several senior positions, including being CEO Zurich & CEO Mapfre Colombia. She is currently on Boards of several impact-focused social enterprises like Pro-familia. A voracious reader and a skilled orator, she has been the spokesperson for several leadership and microinsurance events. She is an attorney and holds an MBA from Purdue University. She spends her time in between Colombia and Europe.


Robert McDermott

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Robert McDermott is President Emeritus of CIIS, the California Institute of Integral Studies. He was chair of the CIIS program in philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness. He has been president or chair of the board of many other institutions including the Rudolph Steiner institute. Robert McDermott has written and lectured extensively on the evolution of consciousness, the spiritual mission of America, eastern and western spiritual masters, Rudolph Steiner, and anthroposophy.


Yanling Duan

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Yanling Duan is a serial entrepreneur, curating urban intervention, community empowerment and planetary leadership. Duan has been awarded one of “China’s top 10 design influencers” and is twice winner of “Design Figure of the Year.” Duan is also one of China’s earliest media personalities advocating mindful design and social art movement. Through Davos Blockbase, she sources social, human & financial capital to accelerate the development of early- stage conscious- tech projects toward sustainable global success. 


Debashish Banerji

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Debashish Banerji, Ph.D. is Haridas Chaudhuri Professor of Indian Philosophy and Culture and Doshi Professor of Asian Art at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is also the program chair in the East-West Psychology department. From 1992-2006, Banerji served as the president of the East-West Cultural Center, Los Angeles, an institution dedicated to academic research and presentation of Indian philosophy and culture in the US. He is presently also the Executive Director of Nalanda International based in Los Angeles. 

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