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We believe that at every stage of transformation, new skills & mindsets are required to grow and adapt. MQ Learning integrates logic, relations, & values for the holistic development of managers, leaders, and teams.


Embedded in humanistic perspective, MQ Learning Trainings and Workshops, and Events, leverage best practice models in management research, psychological advances, and philosophical inquiry. We work together with our collaborators and trained experts to provide interactive and experiential learning to enable meaning driven individual and collective transformation. 


Aristotle, a 4th century BCE philosopher, in his book Rhetorik mentioned the 3 modes of persuasion & leadership, LOGOS (logic), PATHOS (relations), and ETHOS (values). MQ Learning reflecting on Aristotle's principles calls for deeper insights into our ethics, values, & meaning, and integrates it with IQ and EQ for integral development.


We enable UN SDGs of 4. Quality Education, 3. Good Health & Well-BEing, & 9. Industry Innovation & Infrastructure.

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Founder & MD - Deepak Bansal



MQ Learning is a result of a personal quest of Deepak, who is a passionate explorer of the question "what it means to be human". Harnessing his values of joy and wisdom, he aspires to blend logic, relations, and values, for a more integral personal and professional world.


Just like MQ Learning, Deepak stands at the intersection of Technology (MTech - India), Business (MBA, HSG Switzerland), and Humanity (MA, Philosophy, California; coach CPCC, ACC). With 15+ years in the corporate world, he has held Executive positions in Consulting and Multinationals like Accenture, Deutsche Post DHL, and Zurich Insurance Company.  His favorite projects include leading Learning and Development at Zurich In-house Consulting and setting up greenfield Zurich Insurance business in Colombia as COO.


An Indian national, and a Swiss resident, he can speak English, Hindi, Spanish (professional level), & German (advanced)


Contact: deepak@mq-learning.com






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