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Business Cases:
Tranformation Management


- Client Case -


- Situation/ Objectives -

Generali is in the process of significant transformation that impacts hundreds of employees.

The objectives include:

  • Showcase the underlying meaning & purpose behind the transformation

  • Embed the change and make employees transformation champions

  • Generate hope rather than fear

According to Elvesier's research on Organizational Psychology, "Employees are crafters of meaning, and the ways in which they influence their own interpretations of the work have a significant impact on the meaning of their work." 


The aim was to provide a meaning of transformation in an impactful way.

- Approach -

We worked with the distribution leadership team of Generali in a workshop setting during their strategy days to determine a joint message which could highlight the meaning and impact of the transformation.


Our methodology consists of:

  • Analyzing the importance of "Why" from a Psychological, Biological, and Empirical perspective

  • Brainstorming the underlying purpose in a metaphorical perspective

  • Crafting a metaphoric message & picture tailored to company culture to embed the change

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- Results/ Impact -

The leadership team jointly developed a metaphoric picture and message on "The Why of Transformation," which is being communicated to the wider group. The statement goes beyond the objective measures and articulates the meaning and purpose of the transformation artistically.



“We are in the middle of a major transformation. It will have major impact on hundreds of employees. We know how difficult it is to embed change. Hence we invited MQ Learning for a workshop to shape the WHY-story for the transformation. They were able to embed the seed of “meaning” and triggered a strong ownership for the change in the whole leadership-team. I am super grateful for the support and can highly recommend them to make your team even stronger.”

—  Christof T., Distribution Transformation Director, Generali

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