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Ethical Tech Lab for Innovative Future of Technology

"There are downsides to every technology. The fire keeps us warm but it also destroys our villages" - Ray Kurzweil

In our age of digital revolution, the fire of technology needs to be tended to build trust in the digital systems while enabling innovation.

At the Ethical Tech Lab, we are dedicated to forging a more ethical future for technology. We are on a mission to drive ethical innovation and create a tech-driven world that is groundbreaking and deeply rooted in ethical principles.

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- Our Work -

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We ignite minds through our thought leadership and continuing education on "Digital Ethics by Design" course at ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

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Digital Trust

Through our work on the Label Certification Committee (LCC) of Digital Trust Label with the Swiss Digital Initiative, we advance trust in the digital systems.

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Enabling Ethical Decision Making

Our Ethical Decision Making Intelligence (EDMI) platform provides companies with a tool to facilitate learning and inquiry in the field of digital ethics

- Our Collaborators & Clients -

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- Our Thought Leadership -

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