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Thu, Aug 29


CHF 1850 | MQ Academy

Navigating Complexity and Becoming a Strategic Advisor (Advanced) - Zurich

The 2.5 days program empowers professionals with the skills to master strategic decision-making and excel as effective strategic advisors in complex business environments.

Navigating Complexity and Becoming a Strategic Advisor (Advanced) - Zurich
Navigating Complexity and Becoming a Strategic Advisor (Advanced) - Zurich

Time & Location

Aug 29, 2024, 8:30 AM GMT+2 – Aug 30, 2024, 6:00 PM GMT+2

CHF 1850 | MQ Academy, Schaffhauserstrasse 78, Room 108, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland


Objective: Empower professionals with the skills to master strategic decision-making and excel as effective strategic advisors in complex business environments.

Target: (Senior) Project Managers, Program Leads, Mid-Level Managers

Format: 2.5 days - 2 full days of training and a half-day of case study presentations. After two days of the program, participants will work in short groups on a case study.

Pre-requisite: You must have at least two years of experience using the strategic consulting toolkit or have completed MQ's Foundational Strategic Thinking Skills program

Enhance your strategic advisory skills with our 'Managing Complexities in a Strategic Way' program, specifically designed for professionals aiming to excel in decision-making and advisory roles. This program is a unique opportunity to master a range of strategic frameworks and tools, from big-picture thinking to managing emerging complexities, equipping you to navigate and influence complex business environments confidently.


The program is specially tailored for service industry professionals (internal or external) who are looking to elevate their strategic thinking and become more effective, trusted advisors in their fields.


The short program consists of four 3.5-hour modules and half day wrap-up session (two weeks later). The modules include:

  • Simplifying Decision Making: Focus on core activities and communicate as an advisor using a strategic consulting toolkit (advanced SCQ, MECE, Pyramid Principle)
  • Leveraging Key Strategic Frameworks: Learn strategic concepts needed to become a trusted advisor, capable of guiding organizations through complex decisions and strategic transformations (Portfolio Analysis, Heat Maps, Value Chain Analysis, Three Horizons, S Curve)
  • Managing Emerging Complexities: Anticipate and adapt to emerging complexities in advisory roles using tools like the Stacey Matrix, scenario planning, and developing an agile mindset.
  • Become a Strategic Advisor: Transform into a strategic advisor capable of driving outstanding customer service experiences and fostering a culture of excellence, balancing analytical skills with empathetic relationship building.


Day 1: Strategic Frameworks for Simplifying Decision-Making


Module 1: Simplifying Decision Making (09.00-12.30):

Focus on core activities and communicate as an advisor using a strategic consulting toolkit (advanced SCQ, MECE, Pyramid Principle). Learn:

  • Big Picture Thinking: to take a step back, focus on the key question in the minds of decision-makers using advanced versions of tools like SCQ and MECE
  • Problem Structuring into more manageable digestible chunks and providing decision-makers with the key relevant information using techniques like storyboarding
  • Succinct Communicating: the essence of the solution clearly and succinctly using strategic consulting advanced Pyramid Principle


Module 2: Leveraging Key Strategic Frameworks (14.00-17.30):

Strategic concepts support in guiding senior executives through complex decisions and strategic transformations. Learn:

  • Typical Complex Problems that decision-makers face in their businesses at the tactical and strategic level
  • Strategic Frameworks: to guide decision-makers in structuring complex problems by using strategic management tools in space (Portfolio Analysis, Heat Maps, Value Chain Analysis) and time (Three horizons, S Curve) dimensions
  • Key Success Factors of implementing complex projects by communicating and addressing risks, including handling change management


Case Study Overview: 17.30-18.00

Day 2: Advancing Strategic Advisory Skills & Managing Complexities


Module 3: Managing Emerging Complexities (09.00-12.30)

Understand the impact of emerging complexities in the advisory relationship. Learn to:

  • Understand complexity and change: Define the landscape you are operating in and what changes can happen in the project, e.g. through the Stacey Matrix.
  • Strategies for managing complexity: Proactively embed adaptive strategies to manage complexities, e.g. Scenario planning, informal communication channels, agile mindset
  • Stay one step ahead: Keep an eye on interdependent risks and opportunities to guide stakeholders even before the complexities fully arise.


Module 4: Becoming a Strategic Advisor (14.00 - 17.30)

Moving towards strategic advisory to drive unparalleled customer service experiences and inspire a culture of excellence. Learn the art of keeping:

  • Cool Head: Make your stakeholder or strategic partner shine by taking a step back and provide an objective overview
  • Warm Heart: Generate trust-based relationship with your strategic partner through curious listening
  • Active Hands: Minimise surprises, get the work done and keep the partners informed and happy


Wrap-up: 17.30-18.00

Half Day (Case Study Presentations)

Case Study Presentations: 14.00-17:30

The modules are conducted in English and are limited to 20 participants to facilitate interactions and connections. Please note that other participants can join for specific modules of the program.

At the end of the program, you will be provided an "Advanced Strategic Management Certificate" by MQ Learning.MQ Learning is EduQua certified educational institute. EduQua is an accreditation body recognized and supported by the Swiss Confederate Government; it’s the first quality certification for public and private educational institutions in Switzerland. EduQua is the premier quality assurance body accreditation scheme for continuing education.


Benefits of the program include:

  1. Strong Client Relationships: Participants will acquire skills to build and maintain trust-based relationships with clients, enhancing client satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships.
  2. Enhanced Decision-Making: The program equips professionals with advanced strategic frameworks, significantly improving their ability to make informed, effective decisions in complex business scenarios.
  3. Risk Management and Problem-Solving in Complex Environments: Gain expertise in identifying, analyzing, and managing risks and develop robust problem-solving strategies tailored for complex and uncertain business landscapes.
  4. Adaptability in a VUCA World: Learn to navigate Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) effectively, adapting to change swiftly and ensuring organizational resilience and agility.


Faculty: Deepak Bansal

Deepak aims to bring humanistic elements to our working life. He stands at the intersection of Business (MBA HSG Switzerland), Technology (MTech India), and Humanities (MA Philosophy California, Coach - CPCC, ACC). With 15 years in the corporate world, he has held Executive positions (COO, Director) in Consulting and Multinationals. He has also led Learning & Development for a Strategic Consulting practice.

Please contact for more information


  • Complexity & Strategic Advisor

    Advanced Strategic Management Certificate

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