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Resources -
Values Driven Self Leadership Program



Values Based Decision Making

UC DAVIS Structure

Servant Leadership Principles

Greenleaf Center

Being Good by Doing Good

Research in Psychology

Dare to Lead - Values List

By Brene Brown

How to Build Values Through Values

5 Attributes of Values-Based Leadership

Dalai Lama on Inner Values & Inner Peace



Uncertainity by Joanna Macy

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Resilience Theory: Research Articles

The Secret to Building Resilience

2020 Global Resilience Report 

Resilient Institute Report

Pathways to the Hero's Journey

Research Gate

Activating Hope in Midst of Crisis

Research Article

Flow - Optimal Experience

Research Gate



What is Self Awareness?

Introduction to Carl Jung

Face to Face with Carl Jung

Indian Wisdom Traditions

Jung Collective Unconscious

Research Article

Jung & Individuation

Research Paper

Sankhya Yoga - By Dr. Chris Miller

Research Article

The Meaning of Sankhya & Yoga

John Hopkins University 



Reimagine the Future

Design Your Life - Stanford

New to Visualization?

Do you know your life's purpose?

Commitment to Purpose in Life

Research Article

Meaning of Life Questionnaire

Research Paper

Satisfaction of Life Scaling

Research Article

Igniting Individual purpose

McKinsey Study