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Abstract Futuristic Background

Business Cases:
Leadership Development

Servant Leadership in a Digital Age

- Client Case -


- Situation/ Objectives -

The digital era provides an abundance of technology breakthroughs and is characterized by the exponential growth of intelligence, the vast amount of digital solutions, & accelerated speed of change - VUCA.


ABB wanted to develop leadership capabilities in the digital age, focusing on developing a co-creation mindset to embrace collective intelligence. 

  • Encouraging Self-Leadership in the organization irrespective of levels

  • Leveraging Collective-Intelligence through Collaboration & Co-creation for emerging complexities

  • Promoting Systemic-Thinking of Digital Age

  • Building Self-Organized Communities of Practices

- Approach -

We worked with the ABB team to design an eight-week learning journey for participants with a high level of learning agility.


The key components of the approach include:

  • Based on principals of Servant Leadership concept aligned to the digital age; embodied learning

  • Blended approach - the intersection of modules, action commitments, and self-organized communities

  • Journey of 25+ hrs in 8 weeks; additional optional resources include webinars, collaborative dialogs, and pre-reads

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 4.31.09 PM.png

- Results/ Impact -

The formulated team values and purpose were widely communicated in the group. The individuals in the team resonated with their internal values, bonded as a team, and used the results for shared decision-making.



"The way MQ Learning designs and facilitates their workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations is truly what we need in the business world."

—  Chunfeng D., Leadership Digital, ABB

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