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"It is not difficult to make a decision when you know what your values are." - Roy Disney.

Decision-making is one of the most critical tasks for leaders. Am I right? What will be the impact of my decisions? One of the instruments to make the right and conscious choices is the voice of our inner values. Our inner values serve as a north star to be self-aware of what we want in life and how our decisions will help us.

The Values Workbook helps guides your journey to determine your personal values in an exercise-focused structured form. The workbook is divided into three sections:


  • Section A - Values Outlook & In-look: You contemplate the leaders/characters and their values that have inspired your life journey. You also visit your lows and high moments in life as there is a lesson to learn from them. In their extremes, they reveal our values.
  • Section B - Core Values: You shortlist the values to 3-5 core values. These values might change with time. Follow the change as life moves, and new clarity arrives.
  • Section C - Living & Wishing Scoring: You determine how much you live your values (on the scale of 1-10) and where you would wish it to be. You then define the accountabilities, which helps you to make changes towards the life you wish for.


Talking about values is easy; however, it needs a journey down the psyche lane to find our deeper values and making them conscious for decision making. Whether it's joy, loyalty, or respect, we live what we are through our decisions. 


About the Book:

a) Pages: 24

b) Design: Color, offset-print

c) Size: A5 (15*21 cm)


Values Book - Exercise Based Workbook for Connecting with InnerValues

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