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"Know Thyself," the inscription at the temple of Delphi, reminds us of the centrality of Self-awareness for personal transformation. Changing the world starts with Self, which involves being continuously aware of our being and our environment.
The Self-Awareness Workbook helps us to deep dive into a Self-Awareness journey to find new treasures leveraging Western psychology and Eastern philosophy insights in an exercise-focused structured way. The workbook is divided into three sections:
  • Section A - Unconscious Self: Uncover your unconscious Self through Active Imagination designed by Carl Jung. Carl Jung, a renowned Swiss psychologist, changed his field by extending Self with collective unconsciousness. The pages provide an overview of Carl Jung's Self and Ego model and allow you to design your own "mandala" of unconscious Self.
  • Section B - Interconnected Self: Reflect on the role of Self in connection with nature using ancient Yoga philosophy. Yoga is much more than a set of exercises known in the West; it is an entire philosophy to identify our role in the world. The exercises are divided across the areas of Virtue, Overcoming, Knowledge, & Power,
  • Section C - Continuous Awareness: Develop activities for continuously connect with our Self and emotions as we navigate the space-time of the world.
Self-Awareness is not a one time process but a constant journey of connection with ourselves every moment to make the right decisions. This workbook enables you to document your journey as you relate to yourself more.
About the Book:
a) Pages: 20
b) Design: Color, offset-print

c) Size: A5 (15*21 cm)

Self Awareness Book - Exercise Based Workbook for Connecting with Inner Self

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