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Humanistic Skills Modules & Certificate Programs
Life Long Learning

Companies who effectively nurture their workforce's desire to learn are at least 30% more likely to be market leaders in their industry" - HBR Article, 2018

As per the World Economic Forum (WEF), the fourth industrial revolution will require a re-skilling focus on humanistic skills to address the emerging complexities of today. Our offer cross-industry Humanistic Skills Modules & Certificate Program (in Zurich & Online) to shape the future of life long learning


Our carefully curated workshops with highly experienced, inter-disciplinary facilitators enable deeper learning by leveraging the modalities from:

  • Philosophical and Psychological Inquiry (Western & Eastern)

  • Business Management and Technological Advances

  • Arts and Culture


What should be the humanistic skills of future? Participate in our survey here.

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Based on the principle of learner autonomy, the 3 hour series provides a modular workshop catalog where participants comprising mainly mid-level managers & above choose what they want to learn. Our module training takes place online (zoom) and in Zurich (face to face). Check out our calendar and reserve.

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  • Our Certificate Programs take place both Online and in Zürich. 

  • The programs consist of four 3-hr modules and personalized discussions.

  • Limited to 20 participants per program to facilitate deeper learning

Values-Driven Self Leadership

Program Details

Leading People in a Systemic Way

Program Details

Sharpening Strategic Skills

Program Details

- Participants in our programs comes from e.g. -

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Excellent Average Rating: 4.7/5.0

"MQ Learning's workshops effortlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice. With empathy and insight from facilitator's wide experience, they demonstrated practical tools and ways to structure strategic projects, and had fun with it as well"

How to Structure Strategic Projects
Mark Rowan,
Data Scientist, Ex-VP Swiss Re
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