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MQ Learning is a learning and education branch focusing on meaning driven individual transformation. We offer management and leadership training for continuous upskilling and re-skilling to prepare individuals and teams for future challenges, starting with inner transformation.


Being a manager or leader is a continuous process of developing oneself in strategic ("it), relational ("we"), and personal ("i") dimensions. We support managers, leaders, & teams in their intellectual, emotional, and ethical development to enable them to become better professionals and lead a more fulfilled life. Deeply embedded in the humanistic framework, our learning program leverages models of Management Research, Psychological advances, & Philosophical inquiry.


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Check out our calendar for a public program in major cities, or contact us directly for standard or customized trainings and workshops at your company premises.


Our Trainings: Management & Leadership (1-4 days)



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Our "How to Management Series" workshops invite people across management levels to work on specific areas of interest for their intellectual (logic), emotional (relations), and ethical (values) development. Our 3 hr long evening workshops are interactive, experiential, and social in design: based around discussions and exercises and involves partner and group participation.


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