MQ Idea Salons - Inspiring conversations for a Meaningful Life

Through our MQ idea-sharing salons in Zürich, we engage in inspiring conversations and embodied experiences on the topics of self and societal development.


In our face-to-face Salons on meaningful topics, we invite experts from areas of Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Science, Arts, & Economics and explore different facets of being human and their impact on society.  We aim to inspire change in our daily lives while visualizing the future we would like to live in. And of course, it is also a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people!

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Our Upcoming Salons:

Due to event restrictions we are taking a break from Salons. We will start our vibrant and inspiring Salons as soon as the conditions change. Stay tuned!

Our Past Salons

October 2020 |  Zürich

October 2020 | Zürich

March 2020 |  Zürich

March 2020 | Zürich

Feb 2020 |  Zürich

Feb 2020 | Zürich

Nov 2019 |  Zürich

Nov 2019 | Zürich

Oct 2019 |  Zürich

Oct 2019 | Zürich

September 2019 |  Zürich

September 2019 | Zürich

Christof T,

I joined several MQ sessions and can highly recommend them. They invite most relevant speakers, have an interesting audience for exercises and there is a lot to take along. In addition, I am a fan of their articles which always triggers to reflect on most meaningful topics.

Community meetings allowed me to broaden my perspectives on topics such as consciousness, philosophy, Eastern contemplative traditions and meet personally teachers and curious members of MQ's community.

Kasia K.




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