Our Mangement & Leadership Trainings: 1-4 days

Our trainings support managers, leaders, & teams in their intellectual, emotional, and ethical, development, to enable them to become better professionals and lead a more fulfilled life. Participants leave our training (from 1 to 4 days) with the knowledge of cutting edge tools and techniques in the field, and transformative experience to re-live their life from the core of their values. We trainings are modular and can be combined and customized based on the company's requirements.


Check out our calendar for a public program in major cities, or contact us directly for standard or customized training at your company premises.


Our Trainings


Management Development

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Around 60% of new managers fail in their first 2 years. The move from an individual contributor requires a transformative shift towards becoming a strategic and people manager.

Leadership Development

Leading a Reimagined Future

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Today’s disruptive age demands a re-imagined leadership paradigm. Leaders who shape the future based on values are 4x more likely to succeed in the new world.

Chunfeng D., ABB Learning Manager

"I attended an MQ learning workshop where Deepak guided us through a value and purpose discovery journey.


I would unreservedly recommend his sincere and inspiring approach. The way MQ Learning designs and facilitates their workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in his rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations, the connections made in such an environment is truly what we need in the business world, deeper self-awareness would support empathy and collaboration in the workplace.


I’m sure they’ll be able to bring such creativity and wisdom to more people."

Afke S., Senior Data Scientist

"MQ Learning's training is very refreshing and to the point. Deepak is able to notice when to let the group speak and when to move on which is a big plus for me. It is amazing how his seemingly easy exercises create such clarity about your values and beliefs.


His experience in both the business side and the 'soft' side really make a difference."

Ellen M., Entrepreneur

"'I greatly enjoyed the workshop on values with MQ Learning!


They delivered it with much authenticity, passion and calm, creating a safe space for attendees to speak openly about their experiences."


Steven S., Zurich Insurance Company

"MQ Learning’s one day “value-driven teams” workshop was profoundly satisfying. It gave us (a team of 13 business management professionals) valuable insights into who we are as people, what drives us in what we do, and what connects and defines us as a team.


What really impressed me was how the day gave us much deeper insights than other approaches I’ve experienced (e.g. the Myers Briggs type indicator) – while the process to get there felt much simpler, more natural and a lot more fun. Credit to Deepak for so effortlessly creating an environment where we all felt comfortable to put work, organization, status, content, and structure to one side and share our humanity with each other. 


Highly recommended!"





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