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Meaning Quotient - MQ is a learning, advisory and idea-sharing company for meaning driven individual & collective development. We aspire to a world where people live meaningful lives as they shape a multi-generational collective future.


WEF report estimates that with changing technological and economic landscape, we need to be continuously up-skilled and re-skilled in not only technical areas but also in "Human" skills to manage emerging complexities. 


MQ Learning integrates logic (it), relations (we), & values (i) to up-skill and re-skill managers and leaders of organizations and of their own lives. Most educational programs tend to target either practical skillset or behavioral change. However, we start with the fundamental question: Why we are doing what we are doing? 


We enable UN SDGs of 4. Quality Education, 3. Good Health & Well-BEing, & 9. Industry Innovation & Infrastructure.


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