Meaning Quotient - MQ is a learning, action-research, and idea-sharing organization that helps people to meaningfully transform personal life and professional work by integrating Self (I), Relations (We), and Work (It). We aspire to a world where people live meaningful lives as they shape a multi-generational collective future.

The evolution of the work and society in the current century depends upon our response to the emerging complexities, e.g., automation, climate change. Self-Leadership skills are even more relevant today to shape the future we would like to thrive in. However complex & advanced systems become, being human is our task.

In our learning programs, starting with self, individuals widen their understanding of relations and took charge of re-shaping their work. Our action-research support impact-focused companies in their meaningful turnaround. Through our idea-sharing events & resources, we reflect on the deeper perspective on relevant topics. 


It all starts with the fundamental question: "Why we are doing what we are doing?" 

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How can Meaning Quotient (MQ) help you?

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What does Meaning Quotient (MQ) offers?

MQ Events: for Meaningful Life

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Meaningful Life | MQ Learning

Chunfeng D., Leadership


Learning Digital, ABB

The way MQ Learning designs and facilitates their workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations is truly what we need in the business world.

Steven S., Portfolio Manager,


Zurich Insurance Company

Credit to MQ Learning for so effortlessly creating an environment where we all felt comfortable to put work, organisation, and status to one side and share our humanity with each other. I left the day feeling energized and inspired. Highly Recommended!

Niniane P., MD,


Swiss Digital Initiative

Truly enjoyed the strategic project-management workshop with MQ Learning: It helped me to become more efficient in my everyday life and shed light on some of my blind spots. It was a pleasure and a privilege.

Laurène D., Lead,


Climathon Zürich

This experience of dialogue, inspiration and reflection was very powerful and gave a new wave of energy to all the participating change-makers. Now I'm convinced: system change starts with deeper connection and resilience.




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