Our Management Workshops - 3 hrs

Our "How to Management Series" workshops invite people across management levels to work on specific areas of interest for their intellectual (logic), emotional (relations), and ethical (values) development. Our 3 hr long evening workshops are interactive, experiential, and social in design: based around discussions and exercises and involves partner and group participation. The participants of our workshops deeply resonate with the topic, gain new practical skillsets, and mostly leave with new friends. Check out our calendar for upcoming workshops in Zürich or contact us directly for standard or customized workshops at your company premises.


Our Workshop Offerings


How to logically solve a problem
How to efficiently manage a project
How to prepare strategic powerpoint


Canva - Assorted-color Stick Forming Tri
How to build values driven cohesive team
How to build strong stakeholders
How to deepen relationship with self & others


How to resonate with your values
How to reimagine your future
Canva - Polar Bear on an Iceberg.jpg
How to build resilience in challenging times

Dr. Kasia K., Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Nurish Mind

"I attended MQ Learning's Values workshop. It was exceptional for both, my personal work and development on my company. Deepak style of teaching is focused and scientific, balanced with a compassionate and fun approach. He facilitates the atmosphere of trust and openness. I am very much looking forward to my next Meaning Quotient Journey." 

"I greatly enjoyed the workshop on values with MQ Learning!


They delivered it with much authenticity, passion and calm, creating a safe space for attendees to speak openly about their experiences"

Ellen M., Entrepreneur




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