Star Manager

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci

According to a recent study by CEB, around 60% of new managers fail in their first 2 years. Becoming a Star Manager requires not only learning new skills and making a paradigm shift, but also an unlearning, as thinking models and habits of the past may be a barrier to fully stepping into your new role.  

"Becoming a Star Manager" is a 4-day focused, experiential & interactive training, divided into 2 modules, to endows managers with a renewed mindset and skills to become a

-  Strategic Partner (Problem Solving, Managerial Communication)

- People Connector (Team & Stakeholder Management)

-  Self- Aware (Resonating with Inner Values)


Training Modules

Problem Solving, Work Planning & Managerial Presentations (Written)

Problem-solving is both about tools and mindsets. Decode the art behind problem-solving by learning tools and techniques like top-down structuring and logic trees. Write a convincing story using powerpoint, and learn the skills you need to get heard. Develop a work plan by constructing multiple perspectives, and become a thought partner by providing logical solutions.

  • Top-down Structuring tools and techniques incl. Logic Trees

  • Project or Work Plan Development, Time Management

  • Structuring Key Messages

  • Storyboarding and Slide writing: through e.g. Power-point


Logos (Strategic Partner), 2 days
Connection with inner Values, Team and Stakeholder Management

Business is never a solo activity, and managing teams and stakeholders is an integral part of success. Connect with your own inner values will allow you to simplify your decision-making process. Understand different team and stakeholder management styles, the art of difficult conversations, and giving & receiving feedback. 

  • Connecting with your inner values and also understand others' values 

  • Team Dynamics, Management Styles, Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Stakeholder mapping, the art of difficult conversations


Pathos (People Connector) & Ethos (Self Aware), 2 days

Chunfeng D., ABB Learning Manager

"I attended an MQ learning workshop where Deepak guided us through a value and purpose discovery journey.


I would unreservedly recommend his sincere and inspiring approach. The way Deepak designs and facilitates his workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in his rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations, the connections made in such an environment is truly what we need in the business world, deeper self-awareness would support empathy and collaboration in the workplace.


I’m sure he’ll be able to bring such creativity and wisdom to more people."

"MQ Learning's training is very refreshing and to the point. Deepak is able to notice when to let the group speak and when to move on which is a big plus for me. It is amazing how his seemingly easy exercises create such clarity about your values and beliefs.


His experience in both the business side and the 'soft' side really make a difference."

Afke S., Senior Data Scientist

Meaning Quotient GmbH

Streulistrasse 32, 8032

Zürich, Switzerland

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