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Societal Change -

through Gaming, Salons, and Advisory

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." - Robin Williams, Dead Poet's Society. We believe in the power of small deeds, inspiring conversations, and disruptive ideas to create the society we would like to thrive in. Join us in our social endeavors to meaningfully transform the world, one step at a time.

appreci8: Social Game of Passing on Goodness


Can appreciation be a game? Rather than passing only goodies this holiday season, can we also 'pass on goodness'?


Join us in this social experiment of passing on "Goodness." Our 'goodness' bags, e.g., for small gifts, books, or wine bottles, contains a card that calls to appreci8 the receiver. Each card can be passed x times, much like our reusable and low-energy recyclable jute bags. With every pass, you are making the world both socially and environmentally "Good."

Idea-Salons: Inspiring Conversations for a Meaningful Life

Through our MQ idea-sharing salons in Zürich, we engage in inspiring conversations and embodied experiences on the topics of self and societal development. 


In our face-to-face Salons on meaningful topics, we invite experts from areas of Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Science, Arts, & Economics and explore different facets of being human and their impact on society.  We aim to inspire change in our daily lives while visualizing the future we would like to live in. And of course, it is also a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people!

Impact Advisory for a Meaningful Change

MQ Impact-Lab is an advisory and action-research branch focusing on bringing systemic transformation in the world. We partner with carefully selected businesses either striving to reconnect with their core values or aiming to resurrect structures for better functioning. 


We support impact-focused businesses with our intellectual capital (through strategic advisory), network capital (through global connections), and financial capital (through impact storytelling) enabling manifestation of common visions.

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