Reimagined Future

“Leadership begins with what a leader must be ."  - Be-Know-Do

Abraham Lincoln famously said. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” However, to create our future we first need to imagine it. What do we want? What will make us happy or at peace? What are the core values we aspire towards?

One way an individual depth and knowledge can be sourced is through leading by our Inner Values. with the help of inner values, we can re-imagine the future & choose the one we are most resonant with.


This training is based on the concept of the multiverse, a theory which is more a philosophical notion, which states that we might be living in parallel universes. As a visionary leader, we give ourself permission to imagine different future possibilities and select the one we would like to create based on our individual & shared values. As Fred Kofman said, from Being (Values) to Doing (Actions and Decision) to Having (Reimagined Future)


Ideally suited for Senior Managers & Leaders in off-site settings, "Leading Reimagined Future" is a 1-day training facilitating leading by values, in which leaders:

- Engage in self-reflection to resonate with their inner values (Being)

- Take stock of how their actions and decisions correlate with what’s important to them (Doing)

- Re-imagine (and ultimately create) a future based on values (Having)

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