Reimagined Future: Leadership Training  

  “Leadership begins with what a leader must be."  - Be-Know-Do  

Abraham Lincoln famously said. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” However, to create our future we first need to imagine it. What do we want? What will make us happy or at peace? What are the core values we aspire towards?

One way an individual depth and knowledge can be sourced is through leading by our Inner Values. with the help of inner values, we can re-imagine the future & choose the one we are most resonant with. As a visionary leader, we give ourselves permission to imagine different future possibilities and select the one we would like to create based on our individual & shared values.


Living the future needs courage and resilience to keep the following the north star. Appreciating what we have, grieving what we have lost, and keeping the eyes on the north star can provide the much-needed resilience.  


Using the foundation of diversity and commonness of values, a new shared cohesive bond can be created among the team, enabling them to articulate and reach their higher purpose. As Fred Kofman said, from Being (Values) to Doing (Actions and Decision) to Having (Reimagined Future)


 - Our Customizable Leadership Training Framework - 

Ideally suited for Senior Managers & Leaders in off-site settings, "Leading Reimagined Future" is a customizable 1-2 days training, in which leaders:

- Engage in self-reflection to resonate with individual and team's inner values (Being)

- Building Resilience to do the right actions, constantly (Doing)

- Re-imagine (and ultimately create) a future based on values (Having)


What Participants Say!

Steven S., Zurich Insurance Company

"MQ Learning’s one day “value-driven teams” workshop was profoundly satisfying. It gave us (a team of 13 business management professionals) valuable insights into who we are as people, what drives us in what we do, and what connects and defines us as a team.


What really impressed me was how the day gave us much deeper insights than other approaches I’ve experienced (e.g. the Myers Briggs type indicator) – while the process to get there felt much simpler, more natural and a lot more fun. Credit to Deepak for so effortlessly creating an environment where we all felt comfortable to put work, organization, status, content, and structure to one side and share our humanity with each other. 


Highly recommended!"

Chunfeng D., ABB Learning Manager

"I attended an MQ learning workshop where Deepak guided us through a value and purpose discovery journey.


I would unreservedly recommend his sincere and inspiring approach. The way Deepak designs and facilitates his workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in his rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations, the connections made in such an environment is truly what we need in the business world, deeper self-awareness would support empathy and collaboration in the workplace.


I’m sure he’ll be able to bring such creativity and wisdom to more people."




- learning for meaning-driven development -

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