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Businesses are the life-force of any economy, and we believe in aligning that life-force with deeper meaning. Using our Logic (structure, accountability), Relations (stakeholders, culture), & Values (purpose, vision) framework, we enable companies to become more impactful and meaningful.


We offer strategic (offsite) workshops or longer-term advisory to basically two types of companies - large structured corporates striving to re-connect with their values or value-based startups looking to put more structure in their work. 


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Our Framework

We conducted a strategic design workshop with a core team of Wasteless to align their values with broader stakeholder map and vital internal processes. 


Deliverables: Strategic Action Plan with identified essential tasks for the next six months


We conducted a resilience workshop with key working teams comprising of entrepreneurs, engineers, economists, etc, as they design a solution for a better world


Deliverables: Deep internal resonance among participants on why they are what they doing


Ribhu Vohra, Wasteless

"I was surprised how Meaning Quotient helped us in designing our strategic action plan starting with out inner values. Through this unique workshop, we were able to reflect back on our challenges regarding stakeholder landscape and product propositions and admiringly found solutions and action plan through our values. An undoubtedly impactful unique approach, "   

Laurene Descamps, Impact Hub

"If we want to address sustainable transformation, we should not only set ourselves high goals and action plans, but more importantly we should look into ourselves and our inner climate. This is one of the things I learned from Deepak. With his Earth resilience walk at the Climathon Zürich, Deepak managed to take the individuals out of their "climate action tunnel" and helped them reflect on purpose and inner values.


This experience of connection, dialogue, inspiration and reflection was very powerful and gave a new wave of energy to all participating changemakers. Now I'm convinced: system change starts with deeper connection and resilience."   




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