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Embedding Ethics by Design in Digital Transformations & Technologies

"There are downsides to every technology. The fire keeps us warm but it also destroys our villages" - Ray Kurzweil

AI-led transformations in the digital age could contribute up to $15.7 trillion by 2030 to the global economy; still, there is a looming crisis of trust in digital applications.


Through our educational program (at ZHAW) and advisory, we embed digital ethics by design in digital transformations and technologies to enhance trust in the digital age. We aim to create more secure, fair, and ethical digital age

- Our Collaborators & Clients -

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*Our 2 ECTS course at ZHAW as continuing education is part of the BOOST program where you get a 50% reimbursement of cost (up to CHF 1000) if you work for a Swiss SME or are self-employed.

- Digital Switzerland BOOST program -

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- Our Offerings -

Work Stations


We offer 2 ECTS course as part of continuing education on Digital Ethics by Design at ZHAW (in Spring, Summer, & Fall).

Glass Buildings


Through thought leadership (talks, articles, & interviews), we engage with digital ecosystems to generate digital ethical awareness.

Business Meeting


We offer 1-2 days advisory workshops to corporates and AI led companies to embed digital ethics in their digital transformations & technologies.