Values-Driven Team

"Our Value is the sum of our Values" - Joe Batten

Are your team members aware of their values? Do they accept and appreciate the values of others? 

Have you consciously outlined your common team values & team purpose?


Each individual has a set of inner values which provides a north star for one's existence. Coming in conscious connection with one's values and deeply respecting those of others is a crucial block to building an environment in which people can flourish. Using the foundation of diversity and commonness of values, a new shared bond is created, enabling your team to reach higher, achieve their goals and common purpose. As Teilhard de Chardin said, "greater the diversity, greater the perfection." 



Join us for  the "Becoming a Values-Driven Team", a 1-day training, where we:

- Engage in self-reflection to resonate with their inner values (Resonate)

- Celebrate and appreciate the diversity of team members and their values (Respect)

Synthesize common team values and purpose 


Steven S., Zurich Insurance Company

"MQ Learning’s one day “value-driven teams” workshop was profoundly satisfying. It gave us (a team of 13 business management professionals) valuable insights into who we are as people, what drives us in what we do, and what connects and defines us as a team.


What really impressed me was how the day gave us much deeper insights than other approaches I’ve experienced (e.g. the Myers Briggs type indicator) – while the process to get there felt much simpler, more natural and a lot more fun. Credit to Deepak for so effortlessly creating an environment where we all felt comfortable to put work, organization, status, content, and structure to one side and share our humanity with each other. 


Highly recommended!"




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