“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story" - Maya Angelou

Going Deeper in 1:1 Coaching Sessions


We all have a story, we are working on. I believe we can design our own story by deeply reflecting on our values to carve out our own future.


Tell me your story, your dreams, your values and we work together to design the story which you always wanted to own. Abraham Maslow calls this, in his hierarchy as the need for Self-Actualization.  Also, if any life challenging events like the death of a loved one, a business loss, sickness or divorce, have forced you to re-think your relationship to your work, we can work together to find a new situated-ness. These events can be a precursor of a bigger transformation, from alienation to meaning.  


Topics I specialize in:

- Work: Fulfillment, the relationship of our work to the rest of our life, passion and meaning vs. money

- Culture: Immigrant life, diaspora communities, nostalgia, postcolonial realities

- Self: Gender identity, acceptance of one own's sexuality, religious beliefs, spirituality

- Society: Grief and tragedies, sickness, job-loss, belonging 


Being an engineer (MTech - India), a businessman (MBA - HSG, Switzerland), a philosopher (MA - California), and a certified life coach (CPCC, ACC), I integrate the perspectives of modern society with deep-thinking.


Contact me at to inquire more about the process of connecting to our own deeper values, and finding personal meaning through Self-Inquiry.



Certifications & Affiliations


Cam B.

"Deepak exudes intelligence, curiosity, and kindness in ways that are rare. Deepak is a person you can trust to help you turn your obstacles into bridges and your frown into a fit of giggles. A lover of life, people, and progress, you can count on this fine person to walk with you hand in hand to where you’d like to be. 


Don’t miss this opportunity - engage with this deep loving leader."

Janette K.

"I have been struggling to change certain things in my life recently. 

 But with Deepak´s support, I could solve many issues within a short time. I learned a lot about myself and found most importantly the real version of myself. I feel stronger than before and I do not put so much pressure on myself. 


I feel very positive after each conversation, enabling me to face all changes ahead with the right mindset."

Mila B.

“Imagine! Someone is telling you please come I wish to show you something.  You reached a place where suddenly you almost get blinded with shines of colors and light. On second look you do discover the breathtaking garden filled with the scent of various types of popped up flowers. Very pleasant indeed! This is how I felt after my coaching sessions with Deepak. 


I have discovered my own possibilities and my own garden.”




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